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Early 2010 I wanted to finally  get  going with a  project that I had wanted to realize for many years but never had the time  . The one thing that I knew I did well was making my soufflés yet I did not know anything about selling product or anything about retail.

I contacted Carol and she took the time to find out who I was and what my company was  about . I explained that I was just at square one and needed a lot of help.   Carol was very knowledgeable with having been a long time in the retail world and was now a successful consultant.  I jumped at the opportunity to work with an experienced business person.  Carol helped  me to  see through my project and  suggested that although  my chocolate soufflé  idea was unique and interesting  I  should  not only have a few  sweet soufflés  but  a savory  line as well which  would  be displayed in 2 locations in the supermarkets.   Soon after, Carol introduced me to Johanna Bohoy and Larry Berk  ( Bohoy Design ) . Johanna and Larry are the very skillful pair who came up with the company Logo the packaging design the color, the font …….. Needless to say it is a lengthy and tedious process, but what a result, I couldn’t be happier.  The professionalism, the dedication, time spent, focus, I can’t say enough about them  . When it was time to do the photo for the packaging  Johanna  suggested Callaway Photo  which Carol was very familiar with as well , and again I was dealing with  nothing  but the best  ( Ellen Callaway ). Look at my website for yourself
Then we move on to the website and Carol recommended a great person Tommy Sanderson, of Blue T Design.  Tommy was very efficient and easy to deal with.

Overall Carol guided and made me see what works and did not without forcing me in any direction.  I feel that within one year I would have never accomplished the amount of progress that we did (having a full time job).  Carol was always there when needed and her vast connections through the retail world of business has been a blessing.  Being in my field for  the last 30 years and having an international  experience  I can say  that I am  very picky with who comes on board  in my team . Carol’s wisdom, experience, and common practical sense make for a winning result.

If you are  new in the specialty food field or retail don’t go  on  by yourself  , The Launching Pad was money well invested, and  I highly recommend  as well   all  the different companies that I mentioned earlier .
As the company name infers, The Launching Pad will launch you into the world of retail with the proper tools for success.

Yves Bainier
Owner of  chefyvesb  products
YMB Enterprises LLC