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Heather Stouffer, Owner, Mom Made Foods, , an organic frozen baby food company in Washington, DC area sent this unsolicited letter of recommendation to another food entrepreneur in Norfolk, VA:

“I am writing to introduce you to Carol Coutrier of Launching Pad Inc.  Carol has been (and still is) essential to the launch of Mom Made in sharing her first-hand experience and guidance. I just had my weekly phone call with her and your name came up when we were discussing allergy-sensitive foods. I wanted to introduce you to her in the case that you are looking for strategic consultation. I give Carol a five-star recommendation!

I was not looking for a consultant in my early days but I met a friend of my husband's from college at a party who also happens to be a friend of Carol's. This new friend put me in touch with Carol as she knew we would have a lot in common. After a couple conversations with her, I knew that she was just the right person to help me in making the difficult decisions for Mom Made.  Her expert advice has been a critical factor for our success thus far and future planning.  Carol founded The Hommus Factory, Inc. in New England and sold it after 17 years.  For the last 15 years, she has consulted with many specialty food business owners and is the President of the Massachusetts Specialty Food Association.”